July 20, 2018

Adele Pham

Adele is a documentary Director/Producer, who also shoots fiction narratives. On May 12, 2018, her feature documentary “Nailed It” about the genesis and culture of the Vietnamese nail salon, will premiere at CAAMfest in San Francisco. Her vision for Nailed It changed over the course of production. What she didn’t expect was the effect exploring the history of the Vietnamese salon would have on her.

As a mixed race, second generation Vietnamese-American woman, she felt there was always a disconnect from her culture, which she inadvertently found a place within her documenting the definitive history of the Vietnamese nail salon. Although politically it feels like America is more fractured by identity than ever before, it’s also never been so culturally and genetically mixed. This new demographic is hungry for thoughtful, humorous articulation of diverse communities, and where these underrepresented groups intersect. She considers this transcultural space to be the hallmark of her growing body of work—including this documentary about Vietnamese in America via nail salons, and their impact.

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