July 19, 2018

Alex Gulotta

Alex is nationally recognized as a leader in the civil justice and anti-poverty movement. “Alex’s reputation as a determined, ethical, spirited, optimistic, creative and devoted equal justice advocate is nationally acknowledged by his peers and colleagues,” said the NLADA president and CEO on the occasion of presenting Alex with the National Legal Aid and Defender Association’s Charles Dorsey Award in 2003. A lifelong social justice advocate, Alex practiced as a legal aid lawyer in Appalachian Kentucky and in northeastern Wisconsin before moving to Virginia in 1994.

With over 24 years of experience as an Executive Director of legal aid organizations in Virginia and California, Alex Gulotta has substantial experience in the access to justice community. In addition to his service as an Executive Director, since 2003 he has acted as a consultant in a number of diverse settings. Alex provides technical assistance and consulting services regarding strategic planning, donor development, program evaluation, technology implementation, and supervision of professional staff. Consulting work has assisted programs in more than twenty states. Alex is the recipient of several awards and is past Board Chair of the National Legal Aid and Defender Association.

Alex currently serves as CEO of Komenge where he provides consulting services to organizations nationally in conjunction with his partners Anna Dorn-Gulotta and Anthony Gulotta.

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