July 20, 2018

Reverend Rich Tafel

Rich has over twenty-five years’ experience as a champion for human rights and social change. In 2013. He works with impact investors to match them up with appropriate social entrepreneurs. He provides coaching, back office and public policy strategies to ventures on behalf of investors.

Tafel launched the nation’s first statewide social entrepreneur competition in the nation in Michigan in 2013. Over the past fifteen years, he has personally provided coaching to over two hundred social change leaders. He is a co-founder of the Workplace Wellness Council of Mexico and helped provide strategic advice to the PEPFAR program delivering AIDS drugs to Africa. He is a founding partner of the workplace wellness council of Mexico. He is the founder of Log Cabin Republicans where he Tafel played key leadership roles in the battle for gay marriage and ending America’s AIDS crisis. In 1999, he authored “Party Crasher” where he called for a more inclusive America politics (published by Simon&Schuster).

Tafel is the pastor of the Church of the Holy City in Washington DC where he hopes to launch the first Spiritual Entrepreneur Incubator. He is ordained in the Swedenborgian Church.

He’s the director of the American Project out of Pepperdine School of Public Policy focused on the future of the conservative movement in American politics launched in January 2017 with support from the Democracy Fund.

Tafel has appeared on most America political magazines and in America’s leading newspapers.
Tafel serves on the Executive Board of the National Council of Churches.

Rich is a graduate of Harvard Divinity School and served as Assistant Minister at Harvard’s Memorial Church.

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